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Wisconsin Branding & Marketing Photographer and Videographer
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To build a brand that stands the test of time, it's crucial to align the vision and definition with strategic actions. This includes understanding the target audience deeply, consistently delivering on promises, and evolving with the market while staying true to the brand's core identity. We provide the tools and content you need to start taking action today.

Vision & Definition

Your story is what sets you apart from others. We take the time to learn your why to suggest and provide practical solutions and unique, individualized content to help showcase your business to your ideal client.

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"She made our session so fun, quick and painless. And she managed to make us look good! Erica is super flexible and makes taking pictures a breeze!"

McMahon Realty Group

"When we started our business, we sat down with Erica to discuss our vision. Not only did she give us business advice to help our launch go smoothly, her and Laura captured all the content we needed for our website and socials perfectly curated to target our ideal clients."

Vinyl Vines

Meet  Erica & Laura

We strive to help small business owners and entrepreneurs pursue their dream. One of our favorite things is to hear your long term goals, so we can help you start taking action to reach your own personal success.

Our small business started its roots back in 2016, and we know how important it is to have a solid foundation and support system to make your vision a reality. We aren't afraid to share our tips, tricks, pain points, and success stories.

So dream big, take risks, and build your brand because the meaning our work lies much deeper than in pretty photos and videos; at the heart of this is your story.

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