Hannah + Mitchell

May 1, 2022 High Cliff State Park

Starting new chapters of life can always be a tad scary. Whether it’s a new job, starting college, or moving to a new city; these situations are always a little nerve wracking. Nevertheless, these moments can also lead us to some of our most cherished memories, or our very best friends. In the case of Hannah and Mitchell, it led them to each other.

Hannah and Mitchell met in college at Michigan Technical University in Houghton, MI where they both studied engineering. Knowing that Houghton holds a special place in their relationship, Mitchell took Hannah on a trip up to where they met in his two-seater plane. After spending the day reminiscing on old memories, and creating new ones, Mitchell surprised Hannah by proposing to her while in the air, circling over the town where they first met.

Photographing Hannah and Mitchell was a privilege; capturing moments of love and joy from a couple that displays confidence and respect for themselves and one another. I also always appreciate the couples that are willing to stick out all of Wisconsin’s many weather changes. Their session was cold, windy, and rainy but Hannah and Mitchell displayed nothing but warmth and love for one another. (Special shout-out to Hannah who never once complained about the weather while in a beautiful dress.)

Here’s to Hannah and Mitchell! I hope your love continues to fly high, and I cannot wait to photograph you two in August for your big day.

Hannah + Mitchelle

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