Allison + Dylan

April 23, 2022 Fonferek Glen

Springtime in Wisconsin throws a lot of us for a whirlwind; we get rain, high winds, clouds, and even sometimes the dreaded late snow. Once in a while though, we welcome that perfect sunny day that is warm and feels like a blessing. In my profession, I’m thankful to meet with couples who embody that warm and sunny day feeling – photographing Allison and Dylan resembled just that.

Not only did I feel that warmth through their love, but also through one of those perfect spring Wisconsin days. Allison and Dylan’s engagement session was filled with 70-degree weather, sunshine, and lots of love. The couple have been together for four years now after meeting at a bar. Dylan proposed by surprising Allison in their living room – talk about a way to come home!

I am reminded through Allison and Dylan’s love for one another, their love for Dylan’s daughter, and their radiating happiness that even on the worst days, warmth and sunshine can be found. Here are some of my favorite photos that prove just that!

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