Leanne + Callen

May 1, High Cliff State Park

Do you remember growing up and watching romance movies and the guy and the girl somehow meet in some crazy type of way? They’re both coincidently from the same town, or were one row apart at a concert? We call these a Rom-Com Meet Cute. We watch those movies and there’s a little part of us that questions it: “this is cute but that doesn’t happen in real life.”

What if I told you it does.

Leanne and Callen both attended the same college in Wisconsin to study physical therapy; however they never officially met during their time there. In fact, they ended up meeting when they both happened to move to Oregon in 2017. What’s even more, they were introduced by mutual Wisconsin friends, and have been together since. Now THAT belongs in a movie! I’d say, there are some people the universe just wants to make sure end up together.

We hiked along High Cliff State Park and I was able to snap some beautiful photos of this active couple. They both enjoy camping, traveling, and hiking; so it was extremely fitting that Callen proposed to Leanne while they were on a hike with their friends. Bonus points to Callen for making sure their friends were ready to capture photos of the big moment! I cannot wait to celebrate with you two on your big day in September. Cheers to this real life ‘meet cute’ couple.

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