Maria + Thomas

High Cliff State Park

When I met my husband, I was working a summer job during break at college. Although we hadn’t known each other long, there was something about him that felt like home. Our friendship came easily and the years leading up to our marriage were filled with laughter, learning, fights, and lots of love. Sometimes it feels like I’ve known him my whole life when the truth is that I haven’t. I know that had we known each other for longer, we would’ve just grown that much closer together.

Maria and Thomas are blessed with the gift of time. High-school sweethearts who embody soulmates. Relatively speaking, they really have known each other for most of their lives. Years of laughs, growth, love, school…. and they’ve come out of it as in love as ever. Capturing their relationship was extremely special for me. The way that Maria and Thomas interact together, it’s clear that they are in sync with one another.

Having known each other for so long, Thomas had some great memories to play off of to propose to Maria. Thomas created a scavenger hunt that lead Maria to the same soccer fields he had asked her to their high school prom. I applaud such a nostalgic and romantic call-back to a moment of their history.

The sun shone brightly for us at High Cliff State Park, and Maria and Thomas’ love for one another pulled through on every photo. Each time I looked into my camera, I noticed how brightly they smiled at one another. In my opinion, that’s what really makes all of these photos extra beautiful.

  1. Jen and Bill says:

    Yay!!!! Maria and Tommy!! These are beautiful!! So happy for you guys and wish you every blessing! 💕🙏💕🙏💕

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