Kelsie + Ross

Vickery Village – Suamico

When I think about my husband and I, sometimes it’s hard to think back to the very beginning – to when we met. I think about the first time I saw him, when we worked together at a local restaurant in Green Bay. The first time we talked, laughed, became friends; these moments that all led up to the ‘crush’ phase . Those are some of the most terrifying, and blissful moments of our relationship. I think about how different my life would be if neither one of us ever had the courage to talk to our ‘cute co-worker.’

For Kelsie and Ross, that cute co-worker was the cute person at the gym. Two and a half years they went to the same gym and admired each other between reps and runs. I smile thinking about what those moments must have felt like, looking for each other when they walked into the gym. Maybe working out at machines near one other, or staring but then looking away quickly before the other could catch them. When they finally started chatting – the sparks were instant. Kelsie and Ross just clicked.

That was apparent from the moment I met them and through photographing them. Their chemistry and love for one another is unmistakeable. These Northern Michigan Grads were super playful with each other, extremely photogenic, and very outgoing. (Makes me wonder how they were ever too shy to talk to one another for 2.5 years!)

Kelsie + Ross’ engagement session at Vickery Village in Suamico was beautiful to say the least. From secret admirers, to lifelong partners, I cannot wait to capture your wedding day in just a few short weeks! Congrats to you both!

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